Ane Yome Quartet [Sub-Español]

2015, Hentai Con Censura, Hentai Español, Hentai Raw

Ane Yome Quartet

Ane Yome Quartet

Nombre Principal: Ane Yome Quartet
Nombre Alternativo: あねよめカルテット
Subtitulos: Si
Censura: S1
Ovas: -2-
Calidad: Excelente



  Summer vacation I was looking at the calendar in soon end … Hidaka luster is a meek look. And not from feeling to be not much enjoyed long break, because is imminent when it is necessary to serious decisions. Bright during the summer vacation, had been spent with four sisters in the linker of Hanabishi house. The house is next to each other, since his father each other was a close friend, the four sisters of Hanabishi who had been loved as a brother from ● Ikoro. Hanabishi family of four sisters is grace appearance, but the problem there were many on the individual too. To be able to work, Gutara a daughter-YukariRina at home. It’s easygoing personality of healing to runaway and has become a thing of the bright tend second daughter-Momo-on. Withdrawal third daughter-Sakurao of the maid’s, but social phobia of housework universal. Four F-apricot you do not hesitation glitter in profess their own toys. Hanabishi house Touche MikiTaro In order to make the long trip, reveal a certain conventions which decided at the same time bright parents and entrusted to the firm’s brilliant care of four sisters. It is bright is one person out of four sisters, is that it must determine the bride elect. Deadline until summer vacation last day of his wife of two families coming back from a trip. Or who is really the bright choose the bride. 

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  • n3m3s1s

    Gracias x la versión HD.
    PD: En el minuto 16:47 – 16:51, tal parece que falta diálogos.

    • panther189

      Si falta una linea. la habre eliminado sin querer. No dice nada importante, igual despues lo arreglo.